Over 100 people dead in Brazil floods, thousands displaced

Over 100 people dead in Brazil floods, thousands displaced

Authorities in the Brazil state of Pernambuco confirmed 91 deaths, at least 26 missing and thousands displaced people after northeastern cities of Recife and Jaboatao dos Guararapes have been hit by massive floods.

This is the fourth such disaster in Brazil this year, and it is expected to happen again in other regions of the country due to climate change, that causing extreme weather events. Cities weren't prepared for intense rainfalls that led to landslides wiping away whole neighborhoods built on hillsides.

Experts say Recife is one of the world's cities most vulnerable to climate change. The region is set at the delta of three rivers, with an extensive network of canals, and floodplains. This is the place about 4 million people calling home, and as rains continue the risk of landslides persists.

Previously one of the worst floods in Recife was in July 1975, affecting about 80% of the city and killing 107 people.

To minimize future floods and landslides federal government and local authorities must implement modern city planning practices, taking in account topography and inevitable extreme weather events.

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