Guide on Heat Pumps from Technology Connections

Guide on Heat Pumps from Technology Connections

Demand for heat pumps is growing year-on-year as countries around the world implement new climate change policies. As one of the most energy efficient solutions to heat homes without a need for natural gas, heat pumps won't require expensive design changes or complicated delivery systems. After all, what is a heat pump if not a common air conditioner.

Avid heat pump supporter Technology Connections recently posted 46 minute video explaining the process of installation and running a high efficiency heat pump as an alternative to traditional heating systems.

In his video, TC covers several major topics:

  • Insulation (02:20)

  • Mini- and multi-split systems (09:02)

  • Air-to-water heat pumps (15:15)

  • Equipment in the US (19:40)

  • Price gouging (27:56)

  • Ductwork challenges (33:53)

  • Noise concerns (37:33)

  • Packaged units (40:29)

It should be obvious that this video is not an answer to all the questions on installation and running heat pumps. As well as it is not a one-stop solution applicable in any country or region. However, it is a modern, economical and environmentally friendly way to heat and future-proof our homes.

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